Main Economic Indicators of Kazakhstan 2008-2010

Этот пост является небольшой презентацией основных экономических результатов республики Казахстан за последние несколько лет. Мы рассмотрели лишь некоторые отрасли и рынки. Надеемся, что в дальнейшем рассмотрим и прочие отрасли. Пост этот пишется на английском, т.к. такая информация будет прежде всего полезна иностранным компаниям имеющих определенные интересы в Казахстане.

This post is small presentation of the basic economic results of republic Kazakhstan for the last years. We have considered only some main industries and markets. We hope, that further we will consider also other industries . This post is written in English becouse this information first of all will be useful to the foreign companies having certain interests in Kazakhstan.

As shows diagram In 2009 there was a recession in economy of Kazakhstan. Annual GDP has grown only on 1,2 %. If to consider data for the first quarters we will see, that in 2010 GDP has increased on 7%. The reason was the considered state policy about an exit from crisis, state support of domestic bank system, a good conjuncture in the raw materials markets, absence of a panic at the population and business of Kazakhstan and the good relation to Kazakhstan in the world markets.

Kazakhstan GDP

Diagram shows the «heating» of national economy from 2003 to 2007. Sharp growth of consumer prices in 2008 first of all has been caused by the crisis in economy and unavailability of the government to such rapid influence. But in 2009 a situation shows has strongly changed consumer price index has come nearer to optimum values and has became about 7 %.

kazakhstan Price Index 2000-2009

Till autumn of 2007 dynamics of the real wages index was very high (more than 15 %). Since September, 2007 this indicator starts reduce sharply, and in 2008 the real wages pass to a negative zone. It means that purchasing power of the inhabitants  reduces. But since January 2009 positive dynamics was restored and keeps and a positive zone throughout all year.

kazakhstan index of real wages 2007-2010

Other indicators are considered in an applied file —— main indicators of Kazakhstan