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How to request marketing research?

In order to make a request, please fill in the form which is presented bellow. After we consider your request we will prepare the proposal, describing our methods, timing and cost.

You may also directly contact the Client support manager, using +7(727) 2501 291, or sent your request to the following e-mail address:



Areas marked by the asterisk (*) are compulsory for filling

* Name of the company (Client)::


Information About Company:

Summary information about the company and its plans. Summary description of marketing problem.


Objectives of the research:

Please briefly describe which information you would like to get with the help of the research.


Geography of the research:

Please specify the coverage of the research (country, cities).


Target group for the research:

Please, specify the target audience profile.


Responsibilities of BRiF Research Group:
Set-up work
Data processing
Report in Russian
Report in English
Presentation of the results in Russian
Presentation of the results in English


Analysis of the research:

Please indicate the type of analysis you need - analysis by each city separately or all cities on the whole.


Timing of research:
Written proposal + budget
Date of decision making
Results delivery


Other comments


* Name
* Position
* Country, city
* Phone
* Fax
* E-mail:



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