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Mission and Values

Mission and Values

We are professionals in marketing and social research. Continuous development and improvement is what effective mutual cooperation with our clients is based on. We continuously develop by assisting our clients and partners in expansion of their knowledge of society, markets and achievement of success!


Company Values

People are the main value of our Company.


Company Vision and Principles

Research is not only our profession. We are researchers by mindset and by nature.

Our main principle is: "Treat people the way you want to be treated!"

We strive for:

  • the accurate, top quality and timely solution of tasks of each and every client;
  • provision of only accurate and duly verified information;
  • being flexible - we adjust methods of solution of clients' tasks and create the research design individually for each and every client in case of each and every project;
  • thinking strategically and constructively, solving irregular tasks and finding new solutions to regular ones;
  • being a team, acting and working as a team;
  • self-development and contribution to development of market and society;
  • always remembering of the humanity, and helping the vulnerable.


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