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Information about Kazakhstan

Information about Kazakhstan

Geography - Kazakhstan is situated in Central Asia, in the recess of Eurasia.

Territory - 2.724.900 square kilometers. By area Kazakhstan is 9th in the world and 2nd among the former CIS countries.

Population – about 16 million people.

Capital - Astana.

Almaty is the city of state importance.

State language – is Kazakh. In state organizations and local authorities Russian language is officially equally used as well as Kazakh.

Monetary unit – Tenge.

State structure - Republic of Kazakhstan is unitary state with the Presidential Government.

Head of State – Nursultan Nazarbayev, the President (since 1991).


GDP volume in Kazakhstan in 2008 was approximately $135 billion US Dollars, GDP per capita - $8,45 thousand US Dollars.

Kazakhstan, based on the classification of the World Bank, is among the countries with average income level.

Kazakhstan is 7th in the world by oil reserves, 6th - by gas reserves, 2nd - by uranium reserves.


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